the gates that allow you in or keep you out.

gates to pass..

surrounding audley end estate are miles of brick walls, fences and iron gates, some allow you onto part of the estate where others are locked to keep you out. 

the gates in an ordinary view, are just large black iron gates, but to me they are art, i love how they are made, the way they look so bold & how grand they appear when approaching. the gates are also incredibly heavy, so the feeling you get when opening them up and passing through is rather memorable, but then i do live in a world of my own ! 

each of the large gates have brickwork & stone arches, 
there is a very grand feeling about each one

this is one of the side entrance's to the estate, 
when looking through the railings its looks so pretty on the other side, drawing you're view in. a quarter brick work with large iron rails that lead to yet another gate....the servants & delivery entrance.  

 'ha ha wall'  

a ha ha wall is generally designed to make a physical barrier in one direction, this was to keep livestock in or out.
the wall is in affect built within a tench, with one side concealed from sight, so not to ruin the view of the gardens . 

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