where i grew up

laying in fields looking up at the shy,
 many an hour would soon pass by. 

this photo was taken on an afternoon i revisited the place where i grew up. i parked up the landy by the side of one of the fields and then started off walking through 'blue bell woods'.  this is where i spent a lot of my childhood, making camps, climbing trees and laying in open fields for what was probably hours....  I wanted to take photos that would capture a relaxing feeling, one that would take me back to those days of laying in open fields and purely just gazing into the sky day dreaming

this photo was also taken on the same day, same visit... a little different form the image above as its sharp to the eye, slightly piecing maybe...crisp and could hurt. yet the edges of the delicate leaf are so fragile, slowly breaking away as it cracks in the sun light. the branch is half covered in a soft moss that feels like velvet. you want to touch it but you know it may hurt..

handle with care.....

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