sewage plant.....well it has to go somewhere!

i have a thing about industrial buildings, pipes and things most consider ugly to look at. they fascinate me somewhat, I feel drawn towards them. unfortunately i'm rarely allowed close enough to take what i would consider a decent photo, either for health & safety reasons or the fact i'm not staff and its dangerous. 

when taking these photos i was on the outside looking in, then up pulled a van with a man asking me what i was doing, so i showed him some of my work and persuaded him to allow me onto site. i was literally given 5 minutes to take these photos and had very strict instructions where i was allowed to be..

outside looking in

through the locked gates

above the fence that keeps me out

 under shall i go?

 i've been allowed in....

don't ask me what's down there..

flowing freely as the air blows

a walk above

ever so slightly smelly

I think i'll stay here ta

the red button does....

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