slowly but surely

this week has bought around rather a few changes, as you can see i have been extremely busy.... firstly i felt like i needed to change the colours & appearance of this blog to something a little lighter on the eye. something that wasn't so harsh, although i personally love the old image... i chose this particular picture because of the colours, feeling it gives me, the memories it holds and dreams that i have attached to it... 

the second job of this week was to create a new address for this blog, you can now type in  and it will bring you straight here. i have also set up an email address for queries & questions

on the left hand side, you will now notice a link to 'my books'  these are just a few that i have made so far. the very first book  'through my eyes'  was made really for my benefit only, it was to see what some of my photos looked liked printed. the idea behind this was to then choose the ones i wanted to show/print/sell etc...

'yes flower?'  was made to show a collection flowers images that i have taken during the first year of being diagnosed with an illness. these photos gave me hope on very grey days.... dedicated to my dad, a man that always believed, encouraged and supported me in everything i have done. when i was younger he would sometimes answer "yes flower?"  

'walk this way'  i love this book, it has a selection of all different types of images in. no particular story behind it although they are some of my fav pictures so far..

ok, so really my next job now is to put back all the images i have taken off. the reason i took them off was, some of the images were not watermarked.  once this is completed i will return them for viewing.... 
I hope you like some of the changes i have made so far, please do leave any comments or feed back you have, it really does help. 

with love  amanda x 

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