windows, doors & passage ways...

a selection of windows, doors, passage ways, gates and such like. 
All leading somewhere...

you may enter one only ! 

this is the side view of a half brick built horse's barn on the out skirts of saffron walden, essex.  it lives on a farm out the back end of a village called littlebury.. its now disused like most of the buildings here, if they are used its for storage only, broken tractors, empty space ... What was a striving farm now lays half empty! 

where horses once lived, now filled with creates and empty boxes.. left to fall apart as uncared for..

hay stores left standing....a small pile lay heep in the corner, a soft golden haze is the colour you don't see

pathways to be walked, full of door ways that lead to unknown places... with an imagination alice could live here! barking dogs if memory serves me well, a small stream to the right and a farm beyond...  carrying on walking and it leads to a small river bed where ducks paddle and shade has a place...

through these gates i take you now, to a place i love....
walks of long sunny days, smiling faces walks in places picnic in the sun. 

beyond this point you're not allowed 

i stood here proud long ago, making carpets don't you know
i filled you're homes and shop front floors
with many colours for all galore.

now here i stand all burnt out
no one cares without a doubt
thankful tesco's i wont be 
but who is next, we will see...... 

by night im the same but dark.....

on the outside looking in

through broken windows stores i see, unused items left laying here
the doors unlocked as cobwebs cover 

as branches i will grew within and around you.... they may have left you, 
but i am still here in full as each day passes... 

enter you may but you know you're forbidden.... nothing here but unwanted urban western waste! 

you leave me unlocked, unused, uncared for... i was once your lively-hood... 

gates you may want to climb, no need... open from 0600-20:00 mon-fri

a door i have seen in the making.... from ruin to home within 4 months.... how i would love to live here! 

make me a loaf and i'll plough the fields, the farmer once said to his wife.....

which did you choose ? 

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