horse's for courses w58

best friends......

 sarah & fin.
 a true friendship unfolded in front of me, beautiful to say the least.... one of trust, years of friendship, sharing moments as time passes by, pushing boundaries & knowing you're safe without words being spoken.
a friendship most only dream of, as natural as it comes.... so many put stipulations & rules in place, shame.. as when its as natural as this, walls aren't made. it's the most wonderful free gift anyone can share.... 




for you're amusement..

take me to the empty fun fair?

a fun fair? hmmm but not as i knew it... when small, going to the fair was a massive event, packed full of people, friends you knew. it was something to look forward too
I'm only 37 yrs old but going to the fair was alittle disheartening for me! don't get me wrong, fun was had by all that was there, but there were few... stalls packed away early, rides were riding with only two persons, all was shut down by 9/9:30pm.....  why is this so? bring back the old England that was fun without to many stipulations & rules.....