london sites on a thursday afternoon

london E2 all within a few 100 ft

we drive past, I notice this view from the car window, the workshop is just a few 100 yards away, so i walk back to take another look. 

across the street down a small alley, i find my self here looking down the canal and the pretty looking house thats out of place yet so perfectly placed! 

I sit here watching city working life pass me by, wondering if i miss it or am thankful i no longer live here? has the hustle & bustle of city  life awoken my senses to a place i love very much?  he leaves on a regular ride through the london streets, not liking the load but working hard... this view i miss

a rare view of a dumper truck, bang in the city! one that made me smile! sitting next to bmw's & audi's this monster took proud place

infront i see this, to my right the pretty house perfectly placed, to my left & sort of behind the gasometer that follows next! 

all around me, just a few 100 feet away, so many different much to take in & within such a small area. a gasometer, one of my most favourite land marks ever, other than pylons of cause.  

as broken glass lay, views are one of urban mess, 
bed's lay as cloud float 
only wishing your caught the next boat?
It seems a mess but really its not
it's just a little tiny bit lost.
Caught up in the city yet a place to retrieve
a place to get lost in & always believe. 

on the street in front, i walk past writing on the shops walls,
the background to other peoples life's & rules 

carparks built empty buildings lay
this is a story for a another day.

i pass back by the views I saw, 
that made me smile, made me come back for more.
i stand & stare, I take my time.
examining as a passer by

london e2