the walled garden hall park

The walled garden hall park is a music festival held in Northampton. These are just some of the bands & singers that preformed 

lord martin rees

a stranger he approaches, honestly i had no idea it was him to start off with. smiling making eye contact as he stops to talk . explaining that i'm deaf and can not hear him he continues to talk trying to make himself clear. the usher translates as lord martin rees smiles shyly as we are introduced. 

off to the book store where i'm sure a lot of his time is spent, he shuffles into the corner away out of sight.

no more to be said other than coffee is next...

mr tony hough

as i pass i notice this well dressed man sitting at the table alone , his coffee , pipe , kindle (ereader) & notepad accompany him . i slow down my pass taking a closer look . as i do , he looks up smiling . has he already noticed me i wonder? i return the smile moving on . nearly tripping over my own feet , i stop to look back around the pillar i am now standing . should i go back to ask to take his photo? wondering if he would mind . what will he make of me asking? hmm i could stand here all morning asking myself questions or i could be brave and go find out. 

i approach with him smiling peacefully back at me , a warm manner and more than welcoming . he stands as i reach the table , a gentleman long forgotten .  he offers me his seat speaking very softly and gently . it is soon apparently that he is hard of hearing . introducing myself we exchange details , tony hough is a writer too . 

now retired aged 70 , tony writes. he made me smile when letting me know he had no fixed obode but has email . he talked of places he is travelling to next and what life plans are , what he hopes for the future . i could have sat with him all morning if i'm honest . what a charming intelligent well mannered chap  he is .

hoping to get his play 'Hemingway in Paris' on stage in the USA at present , i really do wish tony all the very best of luck.

 i hope to hear from mr hough soon with exciting updates of how things are going .

may i introduce bygott

Funny old world with the people you meet
regular Joe Blogs from down the street.
You pass him daily without a care
trying not to notice while trying not to stare.
No words are spoken no eye contact made
In time I'm sure his memory will fade.

Then a passing look & passing smile
before you now it, you've been friends a while.
It was always meant to be,
a friendship growing like blossom on a tree.

Sometimes a simple smile can change a persons day
given in an instant but written in the play.
Its all meant to happen of this I'm sure
learning life's lessons in abundance galore. 

Who will you meet today? 

deaf beat

It was my Dream job, to be on the telly... as a presenter or in a film/ drama when I was a kid.. Little did I know that 2011 would bring that... I was offered a part as an extra in a deaf film, but at the time I couldn't make it and mailed the chap letting him know. A week or so later I received a mailed with a link to audition for Deaf Beat.  

I thought about it a lot, it read 'no acting experience required' Just had to be deaf and want to try... Hmmm I thought, well why not, you never know..

Deaf Beat is a comedy drama starring (me) Amanda Jane Richards as Detective Marks & Terry Spurgeon as Detective Turner. 
Writer & Director Jonathan Reid. 

Deaf Beat is funny & a must watch
 view it here on the bslbt website

There is a facebook page too

Hope you enjoy it 

Detective Marks & Turner visiting Simon

Detective Turner on Station

Detective Marks at Station

Marks & Turner catch up with the 'Fence'

The Detectives & Sarg

After a long day interviewing....

On the street.... Deaf Beat....

a summers evening's

along the tree's below the line's
there lay a sunset 
this view i find

no one is ever happy...


so talented

for one not to hear, you must appreciate what your eyes tell you. you must learn to watch rather than hear. learn to feel expression.

11 yrs old and more than outstanding to say the least. she comes to cambridge with her parents to play on the streets, sharing her talent & enjoying the crowds that surround her



he stood in front of me
capturing my thoughts entirely
he looked without being asked
a simple smile returning fast
lean, young, strong & firm
introducing did confirm
a male with a very large heart
that shone right through playing his part


its who i am

pretty & bold yet shy she stands
going to cover her face with her hands
use to abuse because how she looks
she clearly does read from a different book

I stop her to ask if at all she minds
i take her photo as this view i find
one of subtle soft white skin
so quite & gentle she was lost within

just this way

to lay peacefully down

a troubled boy there he lay
a different story written by day
one of youth his innocence lost
you give your life you pay the cost

 his time passes as petals fall
memories fade in waters cool
to change a day i'm sure he would
if only time allowed him, if only he could