deaf beat

It was my Dream job, to be on the telly... as a presenter or in a film/ drama when I was a kid.. Little did I know that 2011 would bring that... I was offered a part as an extra in a deaf film, but at the time I couldn't make it and mailed the chap letting him know. A week or so later I received a mailed with a link to audition for Deaf Beat.  

I thought about it a lot, it read 'no acting experience required' Just had to be deaf and want to try... Hmmm I thought, well why not, you never know..

Deaf Beat is a comedy drama starring (me) Amanda Jane Richards as Detective Marks & Terry Spurgeon as Detective Turner. 
Writer & Director Jonathan Reid. 

Deaf Beat is funny & a must watch
 view it here on the bslbt website

There is a facebook page too

Hope you enjoy it 

Detective Marks & Turner visiting Simon

Detective Turner on Station

Detective Marks at Station

Marks & Turner catch up with the 'Fence'

The Detectives & Sarg

After a long day interviewing....

On the street.... Deaf Beat....

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