mr tony hough

as i pass i notice this well dressed man sitting at the table alone , his coffee , pipe , kindle (ereader) & notepad accompany him . i slow down my pass taking a closer look . as i do , he looks up smiling . has he already noticed me i wonder? i return the smile moving on . nearly tripping over my own feet , i stop to look back around the pillar i am now standing . should i go back to ask to take his photo? wondering if he would mind . what will he make of me asking? hmm i could stand here all morning asking myself questions or i could be brave and go find out. 

i approach with him smiling peacefully back at me , a warm manner and more than welcoming . he stands as i reach the table , a gentleman long forgotten .  he offers me his seat speaking very softly and gently . it is soon apparently that he is hard of hearing . introducing myself we exchange details , tony hough is a writer too . 

now retired aged 70 , tony writes. he made me smile when letting me know he had no fixed obode but has email . he talked of places he is travelling to next and what life plans are , what he hopes for the future . i could have sat with him all morning if i'm honest . what a charming intelligent well mannered chap  he is .

hoping to get his play 'Hemingway in Paris' on stage in the USA at present , i really do wish tony all the very best of luck.

 i hope to hear from mr hough soon with exciting updates of how things are going .

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