Will she be mine?

He moves in a little closer, eyes peeled, fixed, daring not to blink as he may miss something she signs. However Daniel isn’t really concentrating, he kinda follows what she is on about but the truth is, he is mesmerised just by her presents alone. Breathing slowly, deeply, trying to smell her, wanting to touch her long dark soft curly hair. Focusing on her lips as she speaks, wondering what it would be like to kiss her. Gently bite or lick her full pink peach like mouth. He wants to, he imagines lending forward, heart beating a little faster, holding her neck while pulling her towards him. Brushing cheeks as he slowly moves to kiss her. 
The room begins to fill as more people arrive, its not cramped but getting busy, people filter out into the garden and lit patio area. Birthday banners, balloons hang on walls and presents scatter the kitchen work surfaces and tables around.  There is much laughter is in the air, a light feeling of summer evening fun with good friends. 
Daniel & Sarita are fully engaged in conversation, although he says nothing he just absorbs her full aroma while watching her. He wonders if she is single, maybe she is married and just being friendly? He tries to look if she is wearing a ring. Just then someone passes knocking into Daniel, trying not to spill his drink he stumbles a few steps as Sarita  moves to the side out of his way… 
The lights go out, Daniel isn’t really sure what to do. With one hand on the wall in front balancing trying to not to fall, he waits for the light to come on. ‘Is she stood in front of me’ he thinks, ‘Oh I could kiss her. Pull her up close and embrace her tightly yet gently’… Daniel breaths a little deeper and tries to shake these visions from his mind, but he can’t.. he has finally fallen in love!  
As the lights come back on everyone is waving, singing & signing happy birthday. Daniel frantically looks around the room for the lady (Sarita) he has just met.. People wave, jump about, party poppers fill the ceiling view. Trying to look through the crowds that seem to have appeared from no where, his heart sinks a little… But then he knows she has to be here somewhere… 
Meeting old friends from school and catching up the hours pass, Daniel has an enjoyable few hours but there is no sign of Sarita. He sits outside under the light by the BBQ, with a cigarette he sips from his Whisky glass. Soaking in the evening, smiling about the people & friends he has met. Daniels thinks to himself  ’Sometimes one has to remember to make more time for friends, work is good but you have to enjoy life too’ Its been a long time since Daniel enjoyed life.
He see’s waving from the back door, but the light inside only shows a silhouette, Daniel cant work out who it is. The figure dressed smartly approaches him. Daniel stands turning to the side so he can see their face. More than surprised Daniel is delighted to see a school friend from some 20 years ago. Mick moved away to France just before they finished primary school. 
They hug for a while, Mick even kisses Daniel, overwhelmed by each others presents they sit and begin to catch up. It matters not how long you haven’t seen a good friend for, that’s if they truly are a good friend. The chaps move to the kitchen looking for a replacement drinks talking about life & work as they go. 
“are you married, have a partner or still single Dan?” Dan shakes his head, “single, but there is a lady here, oh Mick she is just beautiful!” Daniel goes on to tell Mick about what happened when he first arrived, the lady he met. Mick gets all excited for Daniel as he knows he has been single along time after his wife died. They may not have seen each other but the in ‘Deaf world’ news still travels. 
“Oh Daniel I want to introduce you to my girlfriend, we have only been dating a few weeks, she is ok but she likes to waffle! Man, you just have to switch off, ya know! Date, someone to bring” Mick winks at Daniel as he laughs. 
“Sarita, meet Daniel”

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