Another day

FM fighter

A different day the views I see
sitting here alone, just me. 
Time passes fast and then quiet slow,
if I had a time machine, where would I go?

Back to days of strength in me,
where I could be anything, that I wanted to be.
Run a race track, dance all night
use my body without a fight. 

To write one thousand words again
express myself without the pain.
To do the things I always done,
without a thought before this begun.

If I could change the time I would,
to stronger days I understood.
Frustrating times unfold and lay,
revealing yet another tough day.

A tear I cry and try to hold,
so not to let my story fully unfold.
Show a weakness and a flaw, 
I want to be stronger, like before. 

So, I hide myself away again,
don't show the sorrow or my pain.
I shuffle around like old age
another day passes as I write the next page.

Tomorrow I hope for better days,
with smiles bold I will display.
To be like I was back then,
just to be me again.

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