Tornado 60163

Thomas Savery 1650-1715

A little history on steam engines,  Thomas was an English engineer, in 1698 patented the first 'crude' steam engine. Thomas had been working on an idea a long time. This consisted of solving a problem; Pumping water out of coal mines. His invention, a closed vessels filled with water into which steams under pressure was introduced. This then in turn forced the water upwards and out of the mine shaft. A cold water sprinkler was then added to condense the stream, this then created a vacuum which sucked more water out of the shaft and through the bottom valve, I think......

Ohh the penny drops... Now I know where Thomas the tank engine came from!

skipping a few years... 60163 Tornado

This is a main line locomotive. Built in Darlington, England & completed in 2008. This is the first to be built since 1960 & also the last steam locomotive to be built by British Rail. Runs on pretty much the same idea.. 
 Know as the 'Panavia Tornado' named after the military jet, she now runs the 'Heritage railways' in England. 

The day I met the Tornado  60163

The ticket conductor... nice fella at that..

'very pleased to meet you', he say as he reaches down to shake the chaps hand.

20 odd yrs they have worked together, the train driver 47 yrs on the tracks... ! He says its what he always dreamed of doing as a small boy, its like a dream come true. 

The best of friends, moments past like ticking hands, next stop is london where they change drivers...

The fireman adds coals but its wipes out my camera and I cant see a thing through the smoke...

Fueled up, water added & ready to leave Harlow town..

Tornado 60163

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