The swan

Still alone I sit here....

Thats not the feeling I need right now, the clear sky somehow shows me now.
Here I sit as wind blows, rain drops fall, I wrap myself up as the temperatures cool.
I would prefer warmer nights, one where I share time and life’s delights.
Natural, soft yet forceful too, one of passion one we use. 
To join us closer in our love, stronger days we rise above.
Chasing dreams in higher class, I wont look back so not to pass
A chance given, maybe once, a chance you have now, a chance of love! 


Today's world...

Just a little thought...

Where will it all end I wonder to myself, at what stage will we begin to realise that this could be the point of no return...
Its not just about SOPA & PIPA for me, although this is what started me thinking about the mess we are getting ourselves into. I want to look at the whole picture.. the trust we have in ourselves, others, our county, government or place of work. 
Technology has come such a long way, we are now using things that we thought were never possible. Its truly amazing what we have achieved.  Same goes for medicine, humans have an amazing way of learning new things, growing and adapting our surroundings. We have at the end of the day, helped create the world we live in! Good & bad.
What a wonderful yet sad world it is though. For a start lets have a look at the amount of poverty we actually have in the world. The amount of people that go without food & water daily. That die from disease we have cure’s for the other side of the world! Some people don’t have a roof over their head, parents to look after them. Never felt love or been free of pain. 
Then we have places in other parts of the world that are more than lavish. In surroundings, food & materialistic objects. Some people over indulge themselves resulting in obesity, other’s cosmically enhance themselves. Some even give cosmic vouchers to their children as Christmas presents. 
Of course the world isn’t just divided into these two groups, there are many many different types of people all over the world. Just like there are many different things that are acceptable to some and not to others. We have our habits, cultures, regions & beliefs. 
For me, as a child when learning about the poor places in the world. It was just heart breaking and I just didn’t understand people not helping.  I question why the Western world  was so much more advanced, why didn’t/ don’t we help more. I even remember saying things like ‘people here should be forced to help if they don’t naturally have the kindness in their own hearts to offer’. 
As I grew I then learnt about people that lie, use or abuse others. The greedy people in life that are only out for themselves. I thought this was only in business but life has taught me other wise. Some people take advantage whenever they see a chance to, whether it be short changing you or painting a picture of something you want to see, thats simply isn’t true.
There isn’t much trust in the world, people even hire private investigators to follow you for Christ sake.  There are cameras in most towns & villages now, speed cameras, surveillance vans. Here in the UK you can pretty much be followed from one end of the country to the other. Trucks & cars have trackers on them, same as mobile phones.  Your national insurance number holds all kinds of details about you. Huh, we even have google earth that can see where you live, right up to your front door! Facebook & other social network sites offer ‘share your location’ and hold everything about you, even after deletion. 
I understand why we have all of these things in place, the speed cameras help cut down RTA’s, surveillance equipment helps reduced crime and trackers can locate stolen goods. 
This whole situation about SOPA, I understand some of the reasoning behind it, I really do. 
However, don’t you think its a bit much when it comes to the fact we do not have very much privacy left.  Freedom to use the internet at the moment makes it a wonderful place.  But allow SOPA & PIPA to have their way, well its changes everything. You could be paying for the use of things like Youtube, Facebook, twitter etc... Everything you do, even down to the amount of time can be recorded. Its will stop small businesses from thriving well online due to extra costs they may come across. The list goes on and it really isn’t a pretty one... 
Where is this going to end? It wont be birth certificates any more, no. To save paper they will start micro chipping babies in hospital, it’s ok though. Because for safety reasons this means baby can be tracked if stolen/abducted! Babies micro chip can then be updated in growing years with information like education or crimes they may have committed. It could hold family information and medical notes... I can just see it now.
Money, that will soon become a thing of the past too, yes to save money ironically! *laughs* So, no cash = what? Paying everything by plastic, just another fantastic way to make sure they can see what you spend your money on, how much you earn and of course the persuading reason being, to stop fraud! 
What’s happening to our world, Where is love, compassion, respect for each other going? Do we really need all these things in place. Can we not be trusted to behave in a manner that allows us to live a free life... No, because there are always going to be people out there that say we need these thing, so it lines their fat pockets... 
(locks all doors & windows before leaving!) *shakes head & shuts door* 


Doo-Da Days

Do-Da Days is a short style film that I wrote, styled, filmed & edited myself... I hope you enjoy it